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  • Are You Dealing With Hammertoes?
    Has walking become painful due to a hammertoe? Prompt treatment of this common foot condition will relieve your pain and prevent permanent changes to your toe. Dr. Humaira Syed treats Read more
  • Relief for Painful Bunions
    One foot condition that is difficult if not impossible to ignore is a bunion. It is not only painful, it is also very noticeable and embarrassing to live with. Wearing Read more
  • What Could Be Causing Poor Circulation in My Feet?
    Are you experiencing numbness, tingling, or discolorations in your feet? Even though poor circulation isn’t a condition, if you are experiencing poor circulation in your feet this is often a symptom Read more
  • What to Do When You Keep Getting Blisters
    A foot blister is a small pocket of fluid that forms on the foot. Blisters can be painful while they heal. Foot blisters are caused by several things, including friction, Read more
  • Corns and Calluses
    Corns and calluses are thick, hardened areas of skin that develop in response to your body's natural defense to repeated pressure or friction. While neither condition presents a long-term or Read more