Relief for Painful Bunions
August 20, 2018
Category: Foot Care
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One foot condition that is difficult if not impossible to ignore is a bunion. It is not only painful, it is also very noticeable and embarrassing to live with. Wearing your favorite shoes can become a major chore when you have an untreated bunion. Know that help is available—you bunion reliefcan get relief for your painful, aching bunions by seeing podiatrist Dr. Humaira Syed at Reds Ankle & Foot Associates in Fort Lee, Wayne and Clifton, NJ.

How Bunions Form
Bunions form when the big toe is continually pushed against the other toes by some force or pressure. Eventually the joint on the inside of the foot starts to stick out. It looks like there is a growth on the foot, but actually, it's just a protruding bone that is out of place. Bunions cause a secondary issue—the other four toes crowd and bunch together because of the pressure from the big toe.

When Bunions Become Painful
Some people go years living with bunions and feel no pain—they just deal with the embarrassment that often comes with this foot deformity. But when the bunion starts to form, you should definitely schedule a visit to see a podiatrist for treatment. The pain may come from the joints, swollen calluses that form on the bunions, or the toes being pushed together while you walk.

Getting Relief for Painful Bunions
The first step to getting relief for a bunion is realigning your toes and the affected joint. Your podiatrist may do this by wrapping or splinting the feet. Pads can help reduce pain caused by calluses, and orthotic devices can be designed. Corticosteroid injection therapy will help with pain in the joint. If a non-invasive treatment doesn’t work, bunion surgery, also called a bunionectomy, may be the next step to explore.

Your Podiatrist Can Help
A bunion won't get better unless you take action to change the shoes you wear and get treated by a podiatrist. Contact Reds Ankle & Foot Associates in Fort Lee, Wayne and Clifton, NJ to get help with your bunions. Call 973-692-1111 today to set up a consultation with Dr. Humaira Syed.