Do You Need Foot Surgery?
March 11, 2019
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Do you need foot surgery? Do you worry that the procedure may be invasive, painful, or limiting of your daily routines? At REDS Ankle and surgeryFoot Associates in Wayne, Clifton, and Fort Lee, New Jersey, your foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Humaira Syed is board-qualified in podiatric procedures, including surgery. While conservative treatments are tried first, sometimes the lower extremities need corrective surgery to look, feel, and function normally. You can trust Dr. Syed's expertise to put you on the right path to wellness.

Evaluating Someone for Surgery

When simpler measures such as splinting, rest, analgesics, shoe orthotics, and more cannot help a podiatric problem, Dr. Syed may recommend in-office or outpatient surgery performed with benefit of local or general anesthesia.

Before scheduling an operation, your Wayne, NJ, foot and ankle surgeon will examine your foot and watch you walk. Podiatrists call this gait analysis, and it helps the doctor determine what stresses are placed on your foot and where and how your medical condition is impacting your movement and level of comfort.

In addition, Dr. Syed will carefully review your medical and medication history. She may order lab work and other diagnostic studies, including digital X-rays and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. From there, she'll formulate your treatment plan, including pre-operative preparations and post-operative care.

Types of Podiatric Surgeries

Today's podiatrist offers a wide range of surgeries, which correct deformities, relieve pain, and normalize function. Some of the most common foot and ankle operations include:

  • Bunionectomy, which removes a pronounced bump at the base of the big toe and re-aligns the metatarsophalangeal joint
  • Tendon surgery, to shorten or straighten connective tissue for conditions such as Achilles Tendonitis
  • Fusion of the foot or ankle, which places stabilizing hardware such as screws and plates after someone has suffered a severe fracture or sprain of the foot or ankle
  • Plantar fasciitis surgery, which releases a tight band of connective tissue which runs across the bottom of the foot (sometimes involves removal of a co-existing heel spur)
  • Matrixectomy or partial removal of the toenail when deformity or disease warrants
  • Removal of common benign tumors--called neuromas--in the ball of the foot
  • Metatarsal surgery, to correct deformities of the foot bones behind the toes (except for the big toe)

Count on Compassionate Accurate Care

With surgery from Dr. Syed, you'll feel better and be back to your usual routine quickly. If you suspect that you have a podiatric medical problem, please call one of our offices at (973) 692-1111 for a consultation. REDS Ankle and Foot Associates has an office in Wayne, Clifton and Fort Lee, NJ.